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Datapipesoft is an innovative Artificial Intelligence company with great experience in Machine Learning, image and video recognition, OCR and geospatial data analysis. We use modern AI technologies to transform business and industries into high automated companies. Our applications help automate and simplify business and fuel breakthrough innovation.

ai in real estate

AI in Real Estate

AI is extensively spreading across all industries and the real estate market can’t be left out. The opportunities of Computer Vision are endless in this area. Starting from automatic property evaluation to estimation of indoor and outdoor damage. The power of AI can build a 3d model of any house. AI in real estate is also used for roof price estimation.

ai in agriculture

AI in Agriculture

AI technology is widely used in field control. For example, Computer Vision algorithms can detect various factors based on the images or video captured from drones. This can be of interest for the analysis of land productivity. As a result, AI used in agriculture can save up to 30% on fertilizers and other chemicals and more efficient fuel use.

ai in finance

AI in Finance

Market prediction is another area where Neural Networks built on LSTM and time series analysis do bring profit to the table. Whether it’s the stock or crypto market, the ability to predict the market movement is critical.

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