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Datapipesoft is an innovative Artificial Intellegence company with great experience in Machine Learning, image and video recognition, OCR and geospatial data analysis. We use modern AI technologies to transform business and industries into high automated companies. Our applications help automate and simplify business and fuel breakthrough innovation.

Computer vision

We provide product research and development services for computer vision systems that extract, analyze and understand useful information from digital data. We use computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, optimize existing methods, and create our own algorithms. Our goal is to build a system that has a high processing speed and doesn’t lose performance. For implementing computer vision projects we also use artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning and machine learning.

artificial intelligence development services

Artificial Intelligence

From object detection to real-time video analysis. Our artificial intelligence will accelerate your digital transformation. Self-taught systems sort through unstructured data easy, crackle the numbers fast, and help automate the most time-consuming tasks. We are strive to solve complex problems using the best tools AI and ML have to offer. Combining our data science expertise with practical knowledge. We provide AI consulting services and integrated solutions for solving real business problems.

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