5 easy steps to do a keywords research

how to collect keywords

Before you start creating any content on the web either selling any products or services or running advertising campaigns you have to do keyword research. An accurate keyword collection helps you to grow traffic and drive revenue.

Here are some 5 easy and quick steps on how to do keyword research

  1. Google auto-complete. That gives you some topic ideas and some trends insights.

  2. google autocomplete for ai


    Open an Excel document or Google sheet and copy all your relevant keywords there.
    Here is my example of keywords collection for an AI-driven software development company.

    keywords collection for ai software development

  3. Analyse Google top 10 ranking results. Pay attention to the titles

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the additional keywords for potential topics of your post

  5. google keywords suggestion

  6. Google keyword planner

  7. google keyword planner

  8. Use SEO tools.

    Such as

All those tools help to discover how competitive these keywords are, how many people search for them, related keywords, paid difficulty if you want to get paid traffic via Google AdWords, pay per click (PPC). You can also analyze your competitors who top rank in Google. They have an extensive database of any keywords and competitors.
Most of these tools are paid with a trial period, or some features paid. All SEO tools have the option to export a list of keywords in XML or excel format.
When you’ve done your keyword research you have to group them

group keywords

Long-tail keywords are better for paid advertising because they generate more leads than using broad keywords. Long-tail keywords allow eliminating any traffic that not interested in your product or services and bring you potential customers. The broad keywords can have more clicks, but low conversion. And it is quite hard to compete with big companies.
After you make a list of keywords you have to:

  • remove duplicate keywords
  • categorize the most relevant

Let’s start optimizing content or creating a new one.
If you don’t understand why do you need a keyword research

Please, leave any questions in comments. And if you need assistance in keyword research, feel free to contact us via Contacts.

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