AI in Biometrics

ai in biometrics

Medical help in the modern world is getting to an absolutely unseen level. Instead of treating severe diseases, the main focus now is concentrated on prevention. The most common disorders are due to lifestyle. Cardiovascular problems, cancer, heart attacks all these risks could be minimized if an individual could get hints on time and avoid unwanted damage.

Thanks to the technology we have the ability to track health parameters in real-time and create behavioral strategies. There are different parameters that are possible to track: blood pressure, sugar, heart rhythm, hydration.

Most strokes happen when blood pressure rises and remains for some time. The person feels that, but can’t really understand what exactly is going on. Only professionals can spot a problem. However, there is a rare opportunity to have a doctor at hand. In comparison, Cardiovascular sensors which are paired with smartphones via Bluetooth leverage the power of AI. They do not go to lunch, do not sleep, and do not need any rest. They carefully watch individuals full time. Moreover, it’s got access to the experience of thousands of doctors and most importantly to millions of similar cases. It transmits data in real-time to the cloud where it gets analyzed by previously trained models. In case if there are suspicious symptoms an alert is generated immediately. As it turns out, plenty of lives were saved so far. It is hard to even imagine how many more in a queue.

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of death or injuries. Loads of these cases happen due to tiredness and lack of attention. At the moment only luxury cars have sensors to detect different biometrical anomalies which signal inattention. In the near future, it’ll be the system that is not a luxury but a necessity. No driver would be allowed to go on the road without AI control of their state.

So the pipeline from an engineering perspective is the next:
  1. Sensors watch particular health parameters.
  2. Data is gathered and sent on the cloud.
  3. Models do define particular traits in parameter deviations and generate appropriate signals.
  4. Humans take the action needed.

Human life is the most precious entity. Using AI and machine learning only improves its quality and puts its safety to the next level.

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