How to use AI in the dairy farming case study

Computer Vision in farming

Computer vision use case for dairy farming.

Step by step explanation of how Artificial Intelligence allows for the early detection of serious diseases and enable dairy farmers to take action more quickly. How the use of Computer Vision in the dairy industry helps to monitor animals 24/7, decrease cost expenses, and increase profit.



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In the recent decade, more and more industries are turning to AI. AI-enabled technology helps the agriculture industry increase harvest with higher productivity and crop yield and reduce expenses.
So, let’s have a look at how AI can be used in dairy farming.
ai in dairy farming

The goals that must be accomplished in order to build the system or powerplant are the following:

  • Identify abnormal behavior and sickness
  • Check the quality of food animal eating
  • Keep track of the number of species in the herd, that no cows trespass or escape the designated area
  • Tracking milk production and analyzing
  • Tracking quality of milk

The requirements to the system to accomplish the goals:

  • The system must collect sensitive data – object tracking
  • Have the minimum time of reaction in terms of preventing negative effects for the cattle
  • Activity analytics. Those analytical traces can help to make a decision or suggestion whether that animal healthy or not and other important aspects
  • Object identification

How to accomplish our goals

  • Install a set of cameras (UV/night-vision…) across a site and use drones across the fields
  • Temperature sensors (the system is checking the animal’s heart rate at the different stages in realtime), chemical sensors
  • Connect them to the particular data center. It could be on-site either Y or in the cloud depends on the costs and needs of the client. The pipeline can have data of many farms. It is assembled in a single data point and that led to the massive amount of data collected and huge analytical potential
  • Create algorithms that help to create an activity map or pathway map
  • All those trades put in the model. The model is trained in that way that it can identify at the earliest stage (literally in a few hours) the abnormality in cows. That can be done by collecting real-time data from drones.
  • The data collected from the stream saved somewhere for further analytics
    In case of any abnormalities, the system signals the workers via mobile phone to take actions

Video stream analytic in real-time diagram

ai diagram video stream in real time

What was accomplished with AI system

  • Improved quality of milk
  • Increase milk production
  • Reduce production cost

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