Why is it important to use content marketing to promote business

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Content marketing is a free tool to promote business

How content marketing is working

  1. Constant post creation and quality content help to improve results in search engines and at the same time the articles are also distributed on social media. As a result, your website has more new visitors who did not know you before. In this way, the content drives new users who become readers.
  2. If your posts are SEO-friendly written, that means you have interlinking in your blog, the readers start studying your articles in detail, get involved, and decided to subscribe not to miss useful information. They trust you their email and become your subscribers. At this stage, it is very important not to deceive their trust and not to spam them with buying offers. Such letters just push away new visitors.
  3. Then after continue reading your blog posts, new subscribers start to trust you more, because they see you are professional in your area of expertise. And if they need services or products similar to yours, they choose you not competitors, because they trust you. In this way, you transform new subscribers into buyers.
  4. Finally, you have sales. But in case your products or services are complicated and sometimes it is required time for buying decision, content marketing can help you to complete sales in the form of use cases. These are articles, videos, images on how to use your products. Such content is so effective in online marketing.

Eventually, you generate leads from newcomers
After sale completion, it is important to keep the trust of the new customers and be helpful. This is a guarantee for repeating purchases. Now that you know how content marketing is working, let’s have a look at how it can be useful.

Top benefits of content marketing

content marketing benefits

  • Create brand awareness due to constant distributing your content through social media
  • Boost your traffic. Interesting and useful content increase site ranking in search engine, that means that you will be at the top at SERP
  • Generate leads. Visitors who come from content marketing trust you and are interested in buying
  • Grow contacts database which later you can convert into customers
  • Increase loyalty to your brand
  • Improve expertise. Quality content forms a highly professional company image.

Further, all these benefits give you strong sales growth. It’s not an overnight process and required constant work, but after some time you notice the growth of website conversions and smooth and rapid sales.

Types of content marketing

types of content marketing

  • Text content:
    • Blog posts
    • Social media articles,
    • Mailings,
    • Q&A
    • E-books
  • Visual content
    • Infographics
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Webinars

Whatever content you will use, keep in mind, it always must be of high quality and contain valuable and relevant information.
Ideally, you have to use three types of content:

  • Viral. Content that people want to share. And such content is distributed itself and attracts huge traffic. This content includes list posts with advice, guides, step by step instructions, provocative and humorous articles.
  • Expert. This type of content proves that you are an expert in your area. These articles are usually made in form of interview with famous people, market research, comparative posts.
  • Content that sells. It can describe the benefits of your products and services, and why they are better than competitors’ one.

Who can use content marketing

  • Every business can use content marketing to grow and increase sales.
  • It is good for those who sell intellectual services, complicated equipment, analytics, researches, design, and marketing.
  • It is also ideal for startups, especially if the product or service is not yet on the market.
    But it is quite hard to promote fast in the oversaturated market where there are plenty of similar content. In this case, you have to be very creative to produce high-quality content to compete.

Now that you understand that content marketing is a good tool to drive revenue and improve your brand awareness. Now you have to learn to create SEO-friendly content where you have your keywords in titles, description, body, and in images alt tags.

How to start creating content marketing

  • First, set the goals. It helps you to understand what you want to achieve and develop a strategy according to your needs. It also gives you a better understanding of whom you want to target and what exactly to do.
  • Then, you have to answer what problem you want to solve with content marketing. Your strategy will depend on this.
    For example, your goal is to explain to your audience, that your product is not so complicated as it looks.
  • After that, you have to create a series of articles How it works, actively answer the users’ questions, and create an article with use cases.

The content strategy consists of consecutive steps:

  • Determine the target audience
  • Topics research. (Keywords research help to generate more ideas)
  • Creating a content plan
  • Writing text
  • Optimizing your text
  • Publishing your text

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