Why landing page is a great marketing tool

landing page for business promotion

What is landing page

A landing page is a one-pager that presents a product or service. It is created specifically for marketing and advertising campaigns in order to introduce your product where you will tell and show everything about it in detail to the audience. It is where people land after clicking on the advertised link on the web. That’s why you need to start with a landing page.

Why do we need a landing page?

  • The main goal of the landing page is to convince the user to take the targeted action like Register or Buy
  • A landing page is highly effective and has a low cost in comparison with the website. It is easy to create with the help of online landing page building services
  • Landing pages can serve not only as a tool for selling existing products but also for testing some of your researches. It is cheaper and gives quick and good results.
  • A landing page is useful for testing a dozen of business directions and check them in a month if they are effective or not, and then you can launch the most promising fields and develop them further

What to do to create a successful landing page

  1. Write in freestyle about your product or service. Set a goal for yourself: what you want to achieve with your landing page. Then highlight the most important blocks from the text and come up with appropriate headings for them. This will be a future landing page sections
  2. Highlight the top 3 benefits for your product and write how they can help your potential customer
  3. Think over your page script. Find long-tail keywords (they are longer and specific and bring more ready to buy customers) and use them throughout your landing page. Decide what customers have to see and
    understand on your landing page. What offer can interest your client? What objections he might have. How he will continue to work with you. What targeted action he must do. Answer all these questions with the headings on your page and call to action
  4. Make sure to use a call to action(CTA). It helps to lead to the target action. If the landing is large, it is better to place CTA in different areas not only at the beginning and the end of the page but also in the middle.
  5. Create a prototype based on the script. To do this, draw main blocks on paper and think about where to place text and images.
  6. Now design your page. You can use landing page building services or use some WordPress plugins such as SeedProd or other plugins for your convenience. You have already text, add a couple of quality images. Try not to use worn out stock images from Google Images, which do not already impress anyone. You can make images yourself or create professional one using Canva.
  7. Add social media buttons


For the landing page to be effective, you need to understand your target audience and tell visitors how it will solve their problem
The landing page is the best marketing tool to convert visitors into customers

What to write on the landing page

  • Product descriptions
  • Benefits for customers
  • Advantages and differences from competitors
  • Reviews and guarantees

Make sure that the page must be user friendly, easy to navigate, and answer all the customers’ questions.

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